Monday, January 26, 2015

Richard E. Dover: The Past Makes a Great Future for Senior Adults

Richard E. Dover, founder and general manager of Family Pride Construction, speaks about his pet project: The Guest House at the Alexander Inn.

Q: What is The Guest House at Alexander Inn?

Richard E. Dover: Alexander Inn, also known as The Guest House, is an historic hotel built in 1943. This grand estate provided accommodations for visitors working at Oak Ridge in the Manhattan Project days. Dozens of notable dignitaries visited The Guest House including Henry Stimson, former Secretary of War, and renowned physicists Enrico Fermi and J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Q: Why renovate this forgotten structure? Why not build a newer, modern facility?

Richard E. Dover: Aside from the fact that I enjoy a challenge, I grew up hearing stories about Alexander Inn. To me, this place not only represents a piece of American history but also harkens back to a time when things were just done right. Everything about the original structure was designed for luxury and no expense was spared in the details. I believe that renovating this iconic landmark is symbolic of the rejuvenation our seniors will feel as residents of The Guest House at Alexander Inn.

Q: Could you describe some of the special features of the building?

Richard E. Dover: All 64 apartments feature spacious layouts. Many of the building’s original design elements remain and are being renovated to historical society standards. Visitors during our recent open house and tour expressed excitement over the newly reconstructed bar and lounge area as well as the ballroom and foyer areas. We have also included a museum with memorabilia from Oak Ridge.

Q: When is The Guest House at Alexander Inn expected to open?

Richard E. Dover: We’re anticipating that renovations will be complete and the doors will open in late spring of 2015.

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