Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Richard Dover, Knoxville Property Developer, Explains Benefits of Historic Building Renovation

Richard Dover of Knoxville based Family Pride Corporation takes great pleasure in restoring the area’s old buildings for new purposes. Read on for Dover’s top four reasons why historic renovation makes sense.

Old buildings were built to be energy efficient.

According to Richard Dover, Knoxville served as the capital of the Southwest territory until 1817. As such, the city has been well populated since the 19th century and boasts numerous historic buildings from the last 200 years. These buildings were built before the advent of central heat and air so builders utilized insulating materials and paid close attention to the sun’s position during their design process.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Richard Dover, Knoxville Property Developer, Honors Veterans with New Project

Richard Dover of Knoxville, Tennessee, has renovated and repurposed dozens of historic buildings during his career in property development. He takes history seriously and believes that his projects reflect a deep commitment to preservation. In this brief interview, Dover answers some of the most common questions regarding his most recent project, a senior living center housed inside the old Knoxville High School.

Q: Why the high school?

Richard Dover, Knoxville developer: From a practical standpoint, the building has a near perfect layout. Each of the former classrooms is an ideal apartment size, there is already a large kitchen and dining area, and plenty of campus space for outdoor recreation. But more important is the historical significance of the building itself.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Richard Dover, Knoxville Developer, Says Exercise is Key to Alzheimer's Prevention

Richard Dover Knoxville
According to Richard Dover, Knoxville developer, Alzheimer’s disease affects more than 5 million people in the U.S. alone. An estimated ten million baby boomers (that is 1 in every 8 boomers) will develop Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, a new case is diagnosed every 70 seconds. Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disease that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills, and eventually the ability to carry out the simplest tasks. It is the seventh leading cause of death. While no one really knows what causes Alzheimer’s, some of the signs include impaired memory, restlessness, language deterioration, emotional apathy, impaired behavior, and confusion.

Alzheimer’s can happen to anyone, cautions Richard Dover, Knoxville. And while it cannot be cured, it can be prevented. There are many studies that prove exercise can delay or prevent this dreaded disease. In fact, according to Richard Dover of Knoxville, one study from the University of Illinois showed that adults who exercise just three days a week for at least 15 minutes, had a 40 percent reduced risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Richard E. Dover: The Past Makes a Great Future for Senior Adults

Richard E. Dover, founder and general manager of Family Pride Construction, speaks about his pet project: The Guest House at the Alexander Inn.

Q: What is The Guest House at Alexander Inn?

Richard E. Dover: Alexander Inn, also known as The Guest House, is an historic hotel built in 1943. This grand estate provided accommodations for visitors working at Oak Ridge in the Manhattan Project days. Dozens of notable dignitaries visited The Guest House including Henry Stimson, former Secretary of War, and renowned physicists Enrico Fermi and J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Q: Why renovate this forgotten structure? Why not build a newer, modern facility?

Richard E. Dover: Aside from the fact that I enjoy a challenge, I grew up hearing stories about Alexander Inn. To me, this place not only represents a piece of American history but also harkens back to a time when things were just done right. Everything about the original structure was designed for luxury and no expense was spared in the details. I believe that renovating this iconic landmark is symbolic of the rejuvenation our seniors will feel as residents of The Guest House at Alexander Inn.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Richard E. Dover Announces New Retirement Community in Oak Ridge

Richard E. Dover
Richard E. Dover, a successful businessman and the founder of Family Pride Corp., recently enjoyed sharing his latest project with the members of the Rotary Club of Oak Ridge.

Richard E. Dover explained that Family Pride Corp. is in the process of converting the Guest House/Alexander Inn into a brand-new retirement community for Knoxville area residents. The Guest House/Alexander Inn had been closed since the mid-1970s and had fallen into disrepair. By maintaining the classic architecture of the original building, Dover plans to share its rich traditions with a present-day audience.

A graduate of UT – Knoxville and a proud resident of east Tennessee, Richard E. Dover has dedicated his life to the field of real estate development. Dover’s specialty in historic preservation has allowed him to embark upon a series of rewarding projects in Tennessee, Texas, Florida and California. Besides his work in Loudon County, Richard E. Dover has plans for a restoration project involving the historic Knoxville High School.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Richard E. Dover on Developing the Farragut Building

Richard E. Dover
Recently, Richard E. Dover and Family Pride Corporation arranged the purchase of the Farragut building, one of Knoxville’s most prominent buildings.  

According to the company’s president Richard E. Dover, Family Pride Corporation specializes in purchasing notable or historic buildings in East Tennessee and Georgia and turning them into senior living communities. Although the immediate plans for the company’s recent purchase of the Farragut building have yet to be unveiled, Richard E. Dover and his team are expected to conduct a series of market studies throughout the rest of 2014. After ample research, Family Pride Corporation is expected to make a determination sometime in 2015.

Working to restore and refurbish historic building requires time and energy, reports Richard E. Dover. In order to meet all market needs and historic preservation guidelines, Family Pride Corporation must be diligent about each and every step of the process. Richard E. Dover states that Family Pride Corporation is on track to remain long-term owners of the building.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Richard E. Dover Says Reuse of Existing Structures Is Ecofriendly and Cost-Effective

Richard E. Dover
Green building can protect biodiversity in various indirect ways—by building smaller and by using less energy. According to Richard E. Dover, however, the greenest building is the one that doesn’t get built.

New construction usually damages building sites, explains Richard E. Dover. Of all the environmental problems humans cause—air pollution, water pollution, soil erosion, ozone depletion and climate change—loss of biodiversity is the most permanent. For that reason, less is more, says Richard E. Dover, who prefers not to build at all. The environment can be preserved by restoring sites rather than building new ones, says Richard E. Dover.

Richard E. Dover and Family Pride Corporation make ecofriendly practices a reality by working solely with unused historic structures. The energy stored in old buildings is completely wasted when they are destroyed or torn down, says Richard E. Dover. One way to reuse this energy is to restore and renovate existing buildings and to include features such as reflective roofs, solar power, and super high efficiency heat/air systems. These changes and improvements make buildings restored by Richard E. Dover and Family Pride Corporation the most ecofriendly projects possible.